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Curzon Tights Leggings 18545 Big Size Women's Clothing


Kim Yoo-jung
0.40 Kg


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[Kim Min-kyung pictorial] Moiet half polar ribbed knit 61871

9% 28.57 $ 31.40 $

Soar Crop Big Collar Knit 67919

9% 33.77 $ 37.11 $

[Kim Min-kyung pictorial] Lee Ji-nuel two-button jacket 67385

9% 77.77 $ 85.46 $

Glend Double Button Wool Check Jacket 67320

73.28 $

[Real Fit] Soyyan Loose Fit Cropped Knit Vest 67880

9% 25.81 $ 28.36 $

[Kim Min-kyung pictorial] Rizzle Corduroy Puff Long Dress 61867

9% 32.91 $ 36.16 $

Lilindi Flower Shirring Long Dress 61869

9% 35.68 $ 39.21 $

[Kim Min-kyung pictorial] Reline square neck midi dress 67282

9% 33.77 $ 37.11 $

[Kim Min-kyung pictorial] Juran puff fluffy dress 67486

9% 44.52 $ 48.92 $

[Wearing Suji Lee] [Real Fit] Sure Pintuck Dress 67864

9% 36.89 $ 40.54 $

[Kim Min-kyung pictorial] Sure Pleated Back Banding Wrap Skirt 61707

9% 27.28 $ 29.98 $

Merlow Wool Back Banding Long Skirt 62539

9% 36.37 $ 39.97 $

[Kim Min-kyung pictorial] Rumels midi back banding skirt 67449

9% 26.33 $ 28.93 $

[Real Fit] High Ram Corrugated Banding Long Skirt 67844

9% 25.81 $ 28.36 $

[Real Fit] Ukerit Back Banding Corduroy Long Skirt 67870

39.97 $

[Real Fit] Cheroney back banding 4 parts brushed pants 67843

9% 32.91 $ 36.16 $

[Kim Min-kyung pictorial] Locoy lace big collar 61866

9% 12.12 $ 13.32 $

1. Order cancellation

- Cancellation cannot be made after 12:00p.m. on the next day of the order date, though the shipment hasn’t begun.

- If the product hasn’t shipped yet, the cancellation can be made before 12:00p.m. on the next day of order date through email.

- When ordering through deposit, order cancellation before payment is done if payment isn’t made within 3 days.

- If cancellation is received/approved after shipping due to private reasons, then you must pay for round-trip delivery rate to your location.

2. Exchange/Refund

- Exchange/refund request can be registered through email within 7 days after delivery.

- The round-trip shipping rate is charged to the customer for exchange/refund due to customer’s private reasons.

- If refund is approved after request, then we will guide you in regard to the refund charge and round-trip delivery fees.

- If the product is different from our description/advertisement on the page, or you are eligible for exchange/refund due to product malfunction or wrong delivery,

then the shipping rate for refund/exchange will be paid by our company.

※ Other policies regarding exchange/refund will follow the Terms of Agreement & Usage.

3. Cases when refund is not possible

- When there is no product failure/wrong delivery

- When no description is offered for reasons for refund

- When seal/tag of the product has been removed

- When the product is used or laundered at least once

- When the product is damaged/changed due to reason attributable to customer

- When product packaging (bag/case) is lost

- When the refund date has passed

- When the product or its packaging is damaged

4. Delivery Information

1) Shipping Charge
- The international shipping price differs according to the weight and rate set by the shipping company (box weight included).

2) Delivery Date
- Generally, delivery is completed within a minimum of 5 to a maximum of 10 business days after payment is completed.
- The delivery date may change depending on the country, product inventory, customs, and other factors.
- You can check the delivery information after the shipping has started through your email or My Page > Order Details Page.

3) Precautions (The delivery date may be inevitably delayed due to the circumstances below. We ask for your kind understanding.)
- Ordering is done during or before company’s holidays.
- Delivery coincides with company holidays, year-end and New Year holidays, or summer holidays.
- High delivery traffic (e.g. due to bad weather)
- Orders made during Saturdays, Sundays, or festival days are sent on the next business day.



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